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Explore vast worlds in this sandbox-like 3D adventure

Travel through the kingdom and its different regions in this 3D adventure inspired by late 90s games. Explore each region freely, uncover their secrets, and save your bear friends! This realm was once a peaceful place, until the bees started producing purple honey, a strange substance that turns anyone who eats it into a mindless foe. You will play as Baaren, a courageous bear set on a quest to free the kingdom from this menace of unknown origin.

Along the way, you will find loads of collectibles, items to customize your character, exciting places to explore, speedy vehicles to drive, daily challenges to test your skills, and fun mini-games to play. Using Baaren’s straightforward yet complete set of moves, you will be able to climb steep mountains, fight dangerous enemies, and explore this world packed with surprises.


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This game is made by a sole developper: Stéphane HULOT. I made most of the stuff in the game by myself (code and graphics) and I got help for music. I'm a 21yo french guy passionate about making games. I started working on SBA in 2016 and released the first version in june 2017.
You can find my email address on the support page, you can also contact me easily on the Discord server.