The 10.0 update is on its way! It will feature a hive level overhaul, story update, new sounds and music and overall polish of the game. The game is also planed to be released on Nintendo Switch! I already have a version of the running on a Switch internally.


These changelogs are not complete (espacially the old ones) but should give a good idea of the content of each update.
Update 1.9.9 comming soon
  • Technical changes
    • Updated the game engine from Unity 2019.3 to Unity 2020.3
    • Added "Rewired" to handle inputs
    • Enemies now use the same physics system as the player
    • Enemies are now disabled when far away from the camera to improve performance
  • Content
    • New keyboard/gamepad bindings menu
    • New camera behavior
    • New item: Scarf
    • Updated yeti and reindeer animations
    • Improved FX for the yeti and rat boss fights
    • Bees no longer get stuck on walls and make sharper turns
    • Crocodiles swimming mechanic has been changed a bit
    • New keyboard/gamepad bindings menu
    • Improved overall UI navigation with gamepad
    • Improved path texture and shader
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed ground detection in missions
    • Fixed objects clipping through the walls in the desert
    • Fixed an animation bug in water
    • Fixed yeti snowball throws when reviving
    • Fixed Alix's camera
    • Fixed the camera bug when dying during the reindeer king intro
    • Fixed the rat head collider
    • Fixed incorrect momentum when jumping from a ledge grab
    • Fixed coin spawning the arcade
    • Fixed incorrect teleportation when ledge grabbing
Update 1.9.8 (physics update) 2021-06-07
  • Player physics overhaul
    • Physics system has been internally rewritten to fix collision issues
    • Added coyote timer: you can press jump a right before touching the ground and it will still count as a normal jump. The same goes for pressing jump right after leaving the ground.
    • Long jumps are now triggered even if you press B before touching the ground
    • The quad bike gravity has been increased and various FX has been added
  • Improved bears in the hub
    • Changed bear names
    • Added unique clothing to each bear
    • You can now talk to babies
    • Adult bears now walk around the hub
  • You can now try out items before unlocking them
  • Added the IMABEAR item
  • Added rythm platforms to the arcade parkour
  • Added lilypads
  • Improved the look of the desert tower
  • Improved the desert igloo
  • Added colors to the stones in the puzzle in Turtle Village
Update 1.9.7 (stickers update) 2021-03-08
  • Added 3 hidden stickers to find in each level
  • New game logo
  • Improved level tutorial
  • Various changes in levels (flower beds, new sand texture and ruins in the desert, moved stuff around a bit)
  • Bug fixes (some UI fixes in 4:3 screens, buying impossible in some instances)
Update 1.9.6 (UI update) 2021-01-21
  • Complete UI overhaul!
  • Full controller support (options menu and cosmetics selection still needs work though)
  • New mission: Airplane in the desert
  • New shop algorithm: items are more evenly distributed and can be predicted on the discord server using ?shop
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.9.5 (enemies update) 2020-11-18
  • All enemies now have a unique behavior
  • New enemy in level 4: The cockroach
  • Enemies will now respawn after a short period of time when out of range
  • New arcade music made by Pierre Thibault
  • Player animation system overhaul, it should feel smoother and more responsive
  • Various bug fixes: hive button, lamp collision in level 4, OoB in level 2, airplane OoB in level 4
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.9.4 2020-10-26
  • New death screen
  • Improved speedrun mode
  • New cosmetic items
Update 1.9.3 2020-10-01
  • New mini-game and new racetrack in the arcade world
  • Improved the desert flooding mission
  • Quality of life improvement and bug fixes
Update 1.9.2 (iOS release)2020-10-01
  • Initial release for the iOS version
Update 1.9.1 2020-08-29
  • Added 3 new items: two capes and cartoon eyes
  • Updated some areas of the bathroom in level 4
  • Fixed moving platforms issues
  • You can no longer talk to capitalus while he's moving
  • Fixed the headset ad button sometimes not working
  • Fixed floor is lava mission ground collision
  • Headsets are now removed at the beginning of missions to fix an exploit
  • Updated destoyed fences visuals
  • Fixed bear customization UI for special items
Update 1.9.0 (missions update) 2020-08-18
  • Added Tristopio: he gives daily missions with unique changes to levels
  • New shop system: items you can buy change every 6 hours
  • Added new special cosmetic items
  • Added support for Turkish and Indonesian
  • Bug fixes and visual improvements
Update 1.8.5 2020-05-07
  • Vehicle physics improvement
  • Updated localization files
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.8.4 2020-04-21
  • Added cutscenes to show new areas when you unlock them
  • New area in the hub
  • Added an optional tutorial at the beginning of level 1
  • Tons of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks
Update 1.8.2 2020-03-30
  • New cosmetics and bug fixes
  • Added support for Japanese and Italian
Update 1.8.1 2020-03-23
  • LOTS of bug fixes
  • Small gameplay changes
  • Improved translations
Update 1.8.0 (graphics update) 2020-02-29
  • Graphics overhaul! The game now looks very different.
  • Updated engine, bug fixes
  • New loading screen
  • New NPC behavior
Update 1.7.0 (giant house level update) 2019-08-03
  • NEW LEVEL: Giant House!
  • New move: belly stomp (hold B mid-air)
  • Improved hub, bug fixes, new cosmetics, gameplay tweaks
Update 1.6.6 2019-04-21
  • Easter update (easter cosmetics and easter eggs to find in the hub)
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.6.5 (dive move update) 2019-03-10
  • Major changes to player movement and added diving
  • Press B while in the air to dive and slide
  • Lots of bug fixes and improved performance
Update 1.6.4 2018-11-21
  • Overhauled cosmetic unlocking system
  • Bug fixes and gameplay changes
Update 1.6.3 2018-11-02
  • Improved camera
  • Added objects grabbing
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.6.2 2018-10-14
  • Added the donor status
  • Added spooky new items
  • Bug fixes and gameplay tweaks
Update 1.6.1 (speedrun mode update) 2018-09-30
  • Added the ability to resume the level after saving a bear
  • Added speedrun mode
  • Bug fixes and new options in the pause menu
Update 1.6.0 (old hive update) 2018-09-15
  • Added the hive with a final boss fight and ending
  • Added hearts to regen health (coins no longer heal you)
  • Added Shicka's tips
  • Tons and tons of bug fixes and gameplay changes
Update 1.5.1 2018-07-14
  • Improved options menu
  • Lots of bug fixes and small gameplay changes
  • Added Greek translations
Update 1.5.0 (arcade update) 2018-07-01
  • Added Google Play Games services: cloud saves, achievements, leaderboards for each bear
  • Added the Arcade world where you can play mini-games to earn coins
  • New save system with up to 3 saves on the same device
  • Added a main menu
  • Visual and gameplay improvements
  • Updated game engine
Update 1.4.2 2018-05-10
  • Added a new booster: coin detector
  • Bug fixes and small changes
Update 1.4.1 2018-04-28
  • Improved options menu
  • Each enemy now have distinct sounds
  • Lot of bug fixes and small changes
Update 1.4.0 (desert level update) 2018-04-08
  • New desert level with 8 new bears to save, a new boss fight, new enemies, new gameplay mechanics and a lore
  • New original musics (6 new tracks)
  • Improved joystick and buttons
  • New cosmetics
  • Lot a small tweaks and improvements
Update 1.3.5 2018-01-14
  • Added gamepad support (tested with Xbox360 controller and Dualshock 4)
  • Added ledge grabing mechanic
  • Fixed boss exploits
  • Lot of small improvements
Update 1.3.4 2017-12-29
  • Added an early version of the desert in the test world
  • Improved UI
  • Improved introduction
  • Improved enemies (bees now fly and penguins throws snowballs)
  • Improved vehicle physics and controls
  • Improved water physics
  • The coin door now costs 60 coins to open (80 before)
  • Lot of small improvements
  • Added language support for german
Update 1.3.3 2017-12-16
  • Added the test world, a new area to test feature of upcoming update
  • Added a vehicle in the test world
  • Added language support for portuguese, russian and dutch
Update 1.3.2 2017-12-09
  • Bug fixes
  • New cosmetics
  • Added a mailbox in the hub so I can post news about the developpment of the game
Update 1.3.1 2017-12-03
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.3.0 (cosmetics update) 2017-12-02
  • New hub world
  • New cosmetics system: you can now unlock hats, costumes and skins for Baaren and Shicka
  • Cosmetics are now obtainable through cases that can be bought with in-game coins
  • Improved some animations
  • Baaren's movement is less slippery
  • Added spanish language and fixed text in english and french
Update 1.2.1 2017-11-05
  • Improved pause menu
  • Gameplay tweaks
Update 1.2.0 (snow level update) 2017-11-02
  • Added a new level: Snow Valley
  • The level features new gameplay elements and a new boss fight
  • Fixed the joystick on screens with high resolution
  • Lot of small gameplay tweaks and improvements
  • Bug fixes
Update 1.1.3 2017-09-10
  • Fixed the joystick on Android 6.0
  • Added keyboard controls
  • Added a confirmation when exiting the game
  • Fixed bugs
Update 1.1.2 2017-08-19
  • Added 2 new hats: Gas mask and Swollen head
  • Added rewarded ads to get boosters, revive and more
  • Hats are no longer free: you have to collect coins to unlock them
Update 1.1.1 2017-08-02
  • Added sharing button to show your best scores
  • Added decorative birds and fish in higher graphics settings
  • Characters now look at the player
Update 1.1.0 (level 1 update) 2017-07-13
  • Level 1 enlarged: new zones and 8 bears to save
  • Improved visuals of water, seaweeds, waterfalls and caves
  • New camera system
  • Added Jump Pads
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and many gameplay tweaks
Update 1.0.2 (gold times update) 2017-06-17
  • Added time challenges for each bear
  • Improved hub
  • Added death animation for each enemy
  • Added more flower colors
  • Fixed moving platforms
  • Fixed minor bugs
Update 1.0.1 2017-06-10
  • Collecting coins underwater gives you oxygen
  • Fixed some text mistakes
Update 1.0.0 2017-06-10
  • Initial release